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EverExceed AGM Battries

EverExceed AGM Battries

SKU: 366615376135191

Technical features:

• Thick positive plate design and high Tin alloy~12 years design life @ 20°C(68°F). 
• Valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA), deep cycle design.
• High-Compression Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) for greater than 99% recombination efficiency.
• Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology applying active materials on both sides of the grid for consistent cell-to-cell performance, higher capacity and uniform grid protection. 
• Operates at a low internal pressure.
• Heavy duty insert copper terminals for ease of assembly, reduced maintenance and increased safety.
• Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion and promotes long battery life.
• Over-sized, through the partition inter-cell welds provide low resistance connections, with minimal power loss.
• Flame arresting, low pressure safety release venting system for individual cells, recognized per U.L. 924.
• Multicell design for ease of installation and maintenance.
• Very low self-discharge rate, <3% per month.
• Horizontal or vertical operation.

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